Earning Potential: How much you can earn?

Earnbyapp is in the initial stage now. Actual revenue depends on the number of advertisers (App owners) using our platform. On a rough estimate, you can expect around $10-$25/month now. How ever, you can earn more using referral commissions. You can refer your friends to join the platform. You will get 10% of the download income generated by your referrals for up to 1 year. For example, if you have referred 50 people and each of them earns $100 per month, you will get $500/month without doing any download tasks. 

Our Rates may vary as per demand. Current rates are

  • iOS keyword installs: $0.15
  • iOS direct installs : $0.10
  • Android keyword installs: $0.10
  • Android direct installs: $0.06
  • Referral Commission: 10% 

Payout method: We pay using Paytm / UPI id / Google Pay for Indian users and Paypal for all other countries.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $2

Important: Please read our FAQ here for all other details.

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