Referral Contest for iOS: Earn $5 easily

Here is a contest for you to earn $5 quickly.

Refer 5 active iOS (iPhone / iPad) members to get $5 instantly in your account.

Contest Details:

Start date : 15 January 2019

End date : 19 January 2019

How to participate?

  1. Login to your account and visit referrals page.
  2. Copy the referral link and share with your fiends who owns an iOS Device (iPhone / iPad).
  3. You can view your friends who joined using your link in the same page.
  4. If you can refer 5 active iOS(iPhone / iPad) members within 5 days ( Contest Period), just send an email to with subject line ‘Contest winner’
  5. We will verify the claim and credit your account with $5.
  6. Please note that active iOS member is a user who downloaded at least 1 iOS app.
  7. You can withdraw amount to your Paytm/ UPI id/ Google Pay / Paypal immediately.
  8. We will count referrals who signed up during  the contest period only.
  9. All the referrals in contest is  considered as normal referrals and you will earn 10% of their income up to 1 year as usual.
  10. Only 1 sign up per IP address  is allowed.
  11. Only 1 sign up per device is allowed.
  12. You can participate in the contest even if you don’t have an iOS device.
  13. This is not a lucky draw. Bonus credit will be given to all users who is a valid winner as per the terms above.

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